DIY Chefs Torch for Creme Brulee-Searing, Glazing, Roasting, Soldering, Light Welding or Brazing-Welcome to Max Kitchen Pro

Max Kitchen Pro introduces their Premium Culinary Torch for Home Kitchens, in a choice of two colors...silver or black. 

About Our Torch

Max Torch

DIY Chefs Torch for Creme Brulee - Searing, Glazing, Roasting, Soldering, Light Welding or Brazing.This versatile butane torch brings a professional touch for the kitchen enthusiast that wants to step out of the box when it comes to cooking and creating new recipes. Expand your capabilities in the kitchen by creating restaurant quality cuisine in the comfort of your own home with this versatile culinary blow torch. It’s a no-brainer kitchen tool & gadget to instantly elevate your gourmet skills; make this cooking blow torch the secret weapon in your kitchen arsenal.  

Creme Brulee

One of the most popular uses is in the preparation of desserts; caramelizing crème brulee, browning meringues and melting chocolate to name a few.   The Max Torch enables amateur and professional cooks/chefs to expand their capabilities in the kitchen to prepare and serve a greater quality and variety of food.  This easy to use torch is designed to be compact, lightweight and ergonomically friendly. Its style is subtle and it blends in with the other kitchen tools and gadgets.  

Sear Meat, Vegetables etc.

In addition to being ideal for enhancing the dessert menu, there are multiple other uses for MaxTorch in the kitchen. It can be used to sear steaks, glaze a ham, roast sweet bell peppers or spicy chiles, toast bread crumbs or croutons and melting cheese.    In addition to being a valuable kitchen tool, the MaxTorch also serves many other functions around the home that require a flame.  Other uses include DIY home improvement and maintenances projects – soldering, light welding or brazing and defrosting frozen water pipes.   

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